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T-Shock Cryoslimming

Have you tried all the styles of dieting and exercise to rid stubborn fat areas on your body, but no changes no matter all the effort you put in? T-Shock Cryoslimming is the solution to losing inches in those fatty areas! Because of genetics it doesn't matter how much diet and exercise, we aren't able to rid those fat pockets. Fortunately, with science, T-Shock Cryoslimming was invented and we can permanently reduce fat by freezing it!

Freeze away and eliminate those stubborn fat pockets. On average a person will need 8-16 sessions to get desired results depending on the person's current size and metabolism. We will customize the treatment to the client's goals for each area of the body they want to work on.

Are you on a weightloss program to not just lose inches but pounds? Doing T-Shock Cryoslimming treatments in conjuntion with your weightloss program. This speeds up the process in you losing weight and inches!

Pagani T-Shock will use cold temperatures below -0 Celsius to freeze the fat cells and heat temperatures to break apart the dead frozen fats cells. Those particles will then be flushed out of the body by the Lymphatic System.

Treatment Areas: Under Chin, Stomach, Sides, Back, Legs, and Arms.

T-Shock Cryotoning

Have you developed this loose crepey skin as you gotten older? Where did that extra skin come from? As we get older our bodies produce less collagen so our skin gets looser and develops fine lines and less youthful looking skin. What's exciting is that T-Shock Cryotoning will shock (still very relaxing treatment) the deeper layers of the skin to produce collagen! This is a more natural, safer, and non-vasive treatment to tighten skin and reduce fine lines!

Skin tightening and lifting. On average a person will need 8-16 sessions in a cluster of every 2-3 days nonstop until client gets desired results depending on the person's current skin condition. We will customize the treatment to the client's goals for each area of the face and/or body part they want to work on.

T-Shock Specialist will customize this treatment to your desired goals whether it be to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, lift saggy jawline, stimulate tissue to rid crepey skin, rid rosacea or altogether maintain collagen production to stay young.

Treatment Areas: Face, Neck, Décolletage, Under Chin, Stomach, Sides, Back, Legs, and Arms.

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We Travel To You

Are you working all the time? Trying to save time and gas? Don't want to leave the privacy and comfort of your home?

We provide services in the comfort and privacy of your own home and in the convenience of your busy lifestyle. T-Shock specialist will drive to your desired destination, bring a massage table and necessary equipment to make the treatment go as efficiently as possible.

Contact 424-234-6598 or your prefered TShock Technician to book session.

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About Mobile Sculpt

Mobile Sculpt has developed an awesome team of 6 T-Shock Technicians! 2 in Los Angeles, 2 in North Los Angeles/South Ventura, and 2 in Orange County. We have 5 star reviews because our focus is to provide genuine and problem solving customer service. Our moto is to always leave the client happy! We also provide quality results from where a client can feel refreshed and beautiful after one service to losing inches and tighten skin from after several sessions! Check out our before and after photo gallery. Click here for Gallery

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